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Saturday, April 25, 2015

First Impressions - Lunch at Tillie's

 For looking in on her cat Bella while she was in California, my friend Cheryl took me out to lunch at the new restaurant, Tillie's, in a charming bungalow.

Tillie's on 7th Street in Post Falls, Idaho

This isn't about Cheryl, though she has had an interesting life.


And it isn't necessarily about me, although I have had an interesting life, too.


It isn't necessarily even about Tillie's, but I recommend it for lunch. They will start serving dinner after Mother's Day.

Some of Tillie's interesting decor

It's about first impressions. Before seeing the red bicycle as I went through the gate, I saw these colorful tables and chairs below.

I immediately said to Cheryl, "I have a blog friend in Boston, who would be enamored with those tables and chairs."

Front porch of Tillie's

The male half of the married couple who own the restaurant waited on us while his wife cooked in the kitchen. She could be heard calling out, "Thank you" when a customer left. Next time, I must look in on her. The husband related how they came to open the restaurant. What I took away with me were phrases he used, which reminded me how we project our own self-image when we meet people.

 For a few years after I ceased practicing law, I continued to say that I was an attorney. It took time to stop viewing myself as one; I finally tacked on the word "retired". I once met a woman who, within a minute of our introducing ourselves, identified herself as the mother of a Down's Syndrome child, that had died two years earlier at age eight. We spent some time in conversation about her experience being the mother of this child during and after those eight years. She finally mentioned that she had two strapping sons in college and a six-year-old daughter.

So, the part-owner of Tillie's identified himself as a retired businessman, who sold his business, intending to do what retirees do, when his wife expressed her dream of opening a restaurant in this bungalow he had renovated. It has a charming interior, so he can be justly proud of his work.  He also said that working with his wife is a new experience. I had the impression he is withholding judgment on the type of experience it is. But he seems a cheerful man, so at the very least, he is an indulgent husband. And a friendly, welcoming host. We were given warm chocolate chip cookies on which to end our lunch. So, Cheryl and I had a lovely time. We'll bring our mates next time.

And then we went to Good Will, where I bought this folding rocking chair to go with my antique walnut Victorian bed in the guest room. It was a very nice day.

Mother's folding rocker