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Friday, July 22, 2011

Cuomo 2016

Just about two weeks ago, I got a phone call from my sister with a big announcement - she's getting married in November. Same sort of phone call families receive every day across the country. But, this one was 30 years in the making.

My sister, Mickey, will turn 63 next month. This will be her first marriage. She and her fiance have been living together about 30 years. Thanks to the state legislature and Gov. Andrew Cuomo, on Nov. 19 she and Susan will be married in New York. Due to my own health concerns, Kerry and I won't be going to the wedding, but a friend of Mickey's will be standing in as "best bro." In my toast, I will wish them well, as will Kerry. Perhaps another 30 years, but this time as a married couple.

The wedding will occur less than three months after Kerry's and my 31st wedding anniversary. We didn't need a legislative act for our wedding. Now, at least in New York State, nobody will. And that's a good thing.

Kerry and I find it amusing that many people proclaim - and some probably believe - that same-sex marriage somehow threatens more traditional marriage. I must say that this summer we feel more threatened by wood ticks and mosquitoes.

During the past couple of years, two of our closest neighbors and friends in the valley have gone through divorces. And an old friend is coming to visit with his new girlfriend, several years after he and his wife divorced. All heterosexual marriages of many, many years. A consequence of legalization of same-sex marriage? Don't think so. All still heterosexual; all dating. Me, I'd chalk it up to wood ticks and mosquitoes.

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