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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Yesterday was May Day - not the May Day of the Internationale, but the May Day celebrated by children for centuries.  I wouldn't have remembered, had not two lovely valley children, Fiona and Neala, brought us a May Day basket decorated with wild yellow sunflowers that they carefully had woven around  the basket's edge. I was so surprised, I forgot to photograph it, but here's a photo of the sunflowers in water.
  They also brought a jar of honey from their own honeybees. It tastes of apple blossoms because hundreds of volunteer apple trees grow throughout the valley and the bees do their duty in pollinating them. I've never tasted honey so good.  The girls also put in the basket huckleberry marmalade, huckleberry tea, and two decorative dish towels neatly folded beneath the treasures.

  Their intent was to sneak up on the porch, place the basket in front of the door and knock.  When we opened the door, they would run and we would chase them.  When I looked out the window and saw them coming with their mother, I stepped out on the porch. She tried to shoo me back in but, alas, the surprise was spoiled for the girls. They had rehearsed their part, but I had failed to play mine. They found solace in swinging on the old swing from one willow tree (thank goodness the ropes held) and climbing up into another willow.  Unexpected surprises are the very best surprises, especially when they come from children.

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  1. That is one of the best stories I've ever heard! And it gave me such a sense of deja vu. I made may baskets when I was very young and lived in the country, but had forgotten about it. What a special basket Fiona and Neala brought you--they must be special children. Wood sprites?