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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Umbrellas in Art

I enjoy looking at art that incorporates umbrellas and people hurrying along, going somewhere.

                               Or of furtive efforts to avoid the rain and wind on a dark evening near a Tokyo bridge.

I don't use an umbrella myself any longer -- I just pull up the hood of my rain jacket.  If I lived in a city instead of in the country, I would enjoy sitting at a window on a rainy street, watching people with umbrellas.
                                                 A lady out shopping, dressed in style.

People on their way home via the Underground . . . or the Metro . . . or the Subway

Naughty French girls stepping out of naughty French magazines.

The working girl.

The elegant woman in velvet.

Masses of umbrellas heading for sales I wouldn't be caught dead at.
  My love of umbrella art began my first week of school in the first grade.  Thank you, Sally.

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  1. What a fun niche you've found here. I especially love the third one and the summer sales one.