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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Temple House, County Sligo, Ireland

Temple House, County Sligo - original entrance

 Temple House, in County Sligo, Ireland, is operated as a guest house by Roderick Perceval, descendant of the family line of owners dating back to the 1660s. I wanted to explore such a house, and so we stayed here for two nights.

Present front entrance

 All its furnishing date back to the 1850s when it was enlarged. Our room originally belonged to two sisters; dressing tables, wash stands and other furnishings are duplicated. The mattresses are more recent and very comfortable.

The Perceval sisters, Jean and I can't recall the other sister's name - Agnes, I think. They married Lavin brothers.

On the grounds is a late 13th century Knights Templar castle. This Knights Templar castle lies the farthest west in Europe. The Knights Templar were dissolved by the pope in the early 1300s, their lands confiscated and given to the Knights Hospitaller. Politics!

But back to Temple House.

                     I wish our stairs were as easy to mount as these are - wide and low. Ascending and descending pure pleasure and rather regal.

                                             The house is filled with portraits of Anglo-Irish ancestors.

Malcolm Blaine, killed in action 1914. A great-uncle.

The house is a 19th century time capsule; stuffed animals and birds are everywhere. I was especially taken with this case of taxidermy frogs in the hall outside our bedroom.

But Temple House, grand as it is, still has a sense of humor.

Roderick is a fine hotelier, and chef, serving wonderful suppers and fine breakfasts at one large table.  Despite being dressed in jeans and sweaters, you feel you're at a grand dinner party of old. He arranges the 12 guests as a proper host should, so that conversation is lively and friendly. I especially enjoyed his Irish porridge with apple syrup in the morning. Stay at Temple House for a taste of Anglo-Irish life. Roderick and his wife also raise curious sheep.

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  1. That sounds amazing--what a great idea to stay there. That Knights Templar castle is so evocative. And the frogs!!!