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Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Bookshop in the Old Train Depot

The trains don't run through Alnwick, Northumberland any longer.  The Victorian-era depot was built a bit grander than other small town depots along the line because the Duke of Northumberland would await his train down to London there and others of the landed class would arrive at the depot for shoots and balls at Alnwick Castle and then depart through it. The Victorian era depot wasn't torn down, though, when the trains stopped. It sat empty for a time and then Barter Books took up residence.

On entering the used book shop, we passed through the general waiting room with its open fire. Dogs are welcome.

In the next room, the enormous mural depicting famous authors beckoned us.

An electric train rattled overhead.
 Only then did we really look around. Everywhere were books, nicely categorized. 

 At its restaurant I passed up the day's special of ox cheek soup for  a coronation chicken sandwich. I wish we could get curried chicken sandwiches here in the States. It was delicious.
Three private waiting rooms originally reserved for the posh set add more seating for the restaurant.
Water bowls await visiting dogs at the old drinking fountain.
Jay and I browsed after lunch. That's half of my sandwich on my lap.

It was this bookshop's owners who discovered a World War II poster in the bottom of a box of used books and made it famous again. There it is framed on the wall behind the front desk.

Jay bought a book and then we passed out through the general waiting room.

Such a cozy and welcoming place.

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  1. Hi Karen,
    What a fabulous bookshop! I've been away from blogs for a while, but kind of miss it... Hope you are well. Jennifer