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Monday, October 15, 2012

And Jay Gets a Kitchen of His Own

During the past three and a half years Jay and I lived in my childhood home that Mom and Dad built in the 1950s.  When I said, "This is Mom's kitchen and I can't do anything here," Jay took me literally and did all of the cooking and dish washing by hand.  He likes to cook, but he yearned for a dishwasher.

He put a lot of thought into the design of his kitchen.  A lighter granite on the counters called Kashmir Gold,
and a black granite called Gold Spectrus on the island with striations of blues and colors that have no names.

He wanted a cooktop and a wall oven, which intrigued me because we've always had "just" a stove. Note the apple pie fresh from the oven.

Jay makes great sugar-free apple pies using apples from our trees.

Lots of cabinet space, including a pantry cabinet with double doors . . . .

. . . and inside sections that swivel out to reveal even more shelf space behind.  He even had an electric socket wired bottom right in case he decides to install a small wine cooler.  Right now I have the dust buster plugged in there.

Lots of cabinet space under his cooktop, including  a pull-out spice cabinet..  Actually, that was my suggestion.

Room for two stools and the large water dispenser for Pepper, the Brittany. Electric sockets under the granite around the island, so we can sit on our stools, drink tea, and work on our laptops . . . or plug in other  implements such as the dehydrator for apples and plums. The three hanging lanterns are actually more golden  when they're on than appears in the photo.

Shelving for our Van Briggle pottery and Batchelder tile collections.

And even a high spot for Jay's gargoyle that he brought back from Paris when he was fourteen.

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  1. It's perfect. That black granite is gorgeous--I can only imagine what it looks like in person. You really thought of all the details and did a great job. I'm glad Jay got his dishwasher and you got a pie.