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Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Little Journey Around Our New Front Porch

We chose two shades of brown, and a bit of dark green (which doesn't show in the sun) under the eaves for  our new home because I wanted it to blend into the woods behind.  Rather a contrast with the blue sky, though.
Right side of Front porch
The porch is comfortably wide on the right -- enough to gather an odd assortment of seating around a twig table. I sat down my blue mug of tea to take this photo.  Chairs are odd things - you seldom gets rid of one. You just accumulate more. And eventually they find their own place in your life. Especially, if they've been in storage for five years.

 The old bentwood rocker we found on the Eastern Shore of Maryland shortly after we married in 1980.  The white director's chair at bottom of photo above was a parting gift to Jay from one of his early jobs before he met me.

The oak rocker across the table belonged to my great-grandmother and probably dates from the early part of the 20th century. It's very comfortable.

 My grandmother, her daughter, used red poppy material many years ago to cover pillows for it. Grandma also made a dress and apron from that material.

And this little stadium seat we found in a shop in Denver. It's like the ones you see in old photos of men in white suits and Panama hats and ladies in white linen dresses at outdoor family reunions in the 1920s, vigorously fanning their faces and looking uncomfortable.  Harry didn't find it comfortable either and soon departed.

Our neighbors brought this large purple chrysanthemum as a house warming gift. Geordie posed patiently while I searched out my camera.  Once his photo was entered for posterity, he booked for a night of hunting.

We didn't plan on having a doorbell because we usually see anyone coming up the drive, but Idaho Code requires it.  My first unseen visitor knocked on the door, assuming this was just a decoration.

Our porch light was once an old railroad station light, found at an antique show in Denver.

So, come on in.

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  1. It looks great! Such a comfortable cozy spot with a wonderful assortment of chairs. You will be out there three seasons drinking tea, reading, relaxing. I love it.