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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Wild Plums, Cats and . . .

 We have a small grove of wild plum trees on the place, growing on the banks of our seasonal spring. The fruit is so sweet, we aren't the only ones desiring it.

Today when I tramped down to the spring to shake the plum tree, our cats Jamie and Claire came along.

They explored everything and Jamie climbed the plum tree.

The grass around the trees is tall, and plums easily hide. If I don't find them, the deer will later.

The cats explored until they needed a rest.  But what's this in the trail?

Note the apple chips in the pile of bear scat.  When Jay retrieved our trail camera, we saw this black bear under the plum trees. Autumn can be exciting up here in the Idaho hills.

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  1. Love this post! The plums are beautiful and so are the cats. What fun to see apples in the bear scat!