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Sunday, October 23, 2016

October on The Old Place

 Autumn can make you dizzy.

 With color.

 Our Bartlett pear tree leaves in colors between scarlet and crimson.

 Apples still clinging to golden branches.

 Our trail camera caught a buck and a little buck.  We decided to go for a walk on the place and, of course, Jamie and Claire came along.
Pepper, who had gone off, eventually followed our tracks and caught up. . .

 . . . when we reached the upper field.

 We walked to the end of the property where I took Jay's photo with Big Rock above.
 We saw a swarm of ladybugs on a pine trunk.
And toadstools.

 Claire had to rest because she's a mite overweight.
Leaves color the creek this time of year.
And a single apple makes its own art.
About a week ago, the elk began their winter migration out of the valley.  Where do they go, anyway?

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  1. Wonderful pictures deep in the this of autumn in the country. Wish I could taste one of those apples! So nice to see your cats and dog.