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Monday, December 13, 2010

False Spring

A false spring has come to Shenanigan Valley. The snow has mostly melted, probably too quickly to really impact the water table. Cable Creek is running high and fast. The deer and turkeys have stayed up in the hills, no longer needing to forage on downed willow leaves in the front yard.

Our cats have celebrated "spring" by catching their first mouse of the season. Ricky, a big orange tabby, with no front claws, corralled the mouse on the concrete front porch, driving it toward Harry - a seasoned old mouser - who killed it and ate its head, leaving the rest of it for us.

The snowshoes are going back into the garage for a while. I'll use walks up our long driveway to complement workouts at the gym. I had some trepidation today, wearing to the gym for the first time my try-out continuous glucose monitor. My diabetes educator installed it Friday afternoon, and, while it's provided some interesting information, it's also provided a lot of frustration in the form of low sugar alerts (a function, I think, of my educator setting the low sugar parameter too high) that have woken me twice in the early hours of the morning, and readings 4-50 points different from contemporaneous finger sticks. Anyway, I thought the transmitter needle might hurt when doing crunches (it didn't), and that the monitor might be in the way for other exercises (it wasn't). Surprisingly, the glucose readings after 2 sets of 13 weight stations dropped only 20 points, and then went back up again. The Gatorade I drank during exercise might have had a small impact, but not much. Way different from a long bike ride.

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