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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

More Snow Coming

We're expecting 5-9" of snow starting at 10 tonight. After lunch, I filled up the gas tank of the ATV, figuring I'll be doing a lot of plowing tomorrow. Kerry and I took Blue, our white Siamese cat, for his first walk in more than a week. Warm weather had finally melted the ice from the long gravel driveway, and footing seemed reasonable. It was, though the loggers' trail down the upper meadow was muddy, with puddles. We cut across through the woods where the deer had eaten the beautiful orange fungus last fall, and up the hillside past the rusted engine part that now serves as an object d'art, displayed on an old tree stump. That's probably the most interesting piece of woods junk we've found since the two-man saw blade that had been abandoned on an upper hill. Blue has gotten chunky this winter, spending most of his time on the living room sofa, soaking up heat from the propane fireplace. But, he should round into shape quickly. He did a few easy sprints on today's walk, but stopped now and again to shake water and mud from a paw.

One of the doors to the shed, where I store the gas cans,has pulled loose from the frame at the hinge. I pounded three longer nails through the hinge, scaring the hell out of the feral tabby who lives in our woodpile. Donovan and I are going to have to re-build the shed this spring. Kerry thought we wouldn't be getting much use out of it, but it's so fragile - 50 years on - that even mild use has taken its toll.

Waiting to hear whether my insurance company will pay for an insulin pump this year. My diabetes has been under control - pretty much - with the exception of a day or two following a mild fever. Then, the blood sugar went up into the 300s, and didn't come down until yesterday. Working out on a stationary bike brought it down to the 120s before lunch. Right in the target zone.

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