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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

R.I.P., Geordie

I'm feeling pretty blue tonight. I finally realized today that Geordie was killed by a coyote last Saturday. I'd found him down the hill sitting on my son Donovan's porch. Why do they think  hunting is better away from their own home? I put him in the car and brought him back up the hill. He ate and went back outside. And we haven't seen him since. He must have headed right back down and through the pasture where coyotes like to hunt varmints, too. A deadly combination

He'd been my birthday present from Jay in 2005 - just five months old that October. Always cocky, always thinking he was invincible, no matter how often I scolded. Even the dog's barking, warning coyotes to stay away from the house, wasn't enough this time. The fourth cat we've lost since moving back home. Well, Geordie, you were a fine cat and I will miss you very much.


  1. I'm so sorry. I know how much that hurts. Such a handsome guy! Those eyes--he looks both wise and droll.

  2. So sorry, Kerry. You made me smile and think of your Mom when you said you scolded Geordie!

  3. Coyotes are a scourge here for pet owners, too. Very devious and intelligent as hunters. I'm sorry to read about Geordie--one handsome guy, for sure.