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Monday, October 6, 2014

Finally, the Last Stained Glass Window Installed

 Here it is in all of its glory, catching the morning light - a large antique stained glass lunette window from a demolished church that I purchased years ago on eBay - finally refurbished, surrounded by clear "baroque" glass with a bit of nouveau-ish swirl in it, and set in the large window on our landing.

Our neighbor and carpenter Davy, with the help of another neighbor, Pat, removing the window from Davy's truck. I'm on the balcony taking the photo.

They're carrying it up the stairs to the landing.

Hoisting it up with the help of John, Pat's girlfriend's cousin from the coast.

Getting it into position.

Smile, I said from the second floor as Davy finished stapling the framing. Since Davy did the framing of all of our windows, the wood and stain for the stained glass perfectly match.

And here I am, on the second floor, very happy to finally have it installed. You can see the two antique windows Davy installed last year here.


  1. Oh Karen, it (and the others) are so lovely--there-is a warmth to them that I can almost feel. And I'd forgotten about their history--such a great story. They are treasures.

  2. Beautiful window. We have a smaller one that we set into a stair landing in a previous house, but, alas, there's no place for it where we currently live where it will benefit from external light. Probably should have left it behind for the new owners, but we couldn't part with it.