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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Posters at the London Transport Museum - Part 1

1910 John Hassall
In my Internet quest to find illustration art that I can print and frame for my spacious new bath, I wandered upon the London Transport Museum.  What a wonderful site!  After being overwhelmed with the multitudes of posters, I began to search by year. Here then, are just a sample, from 1910 through 1920.

1911 Thomas Robert Way

This ad for using the tram to access the Twickenham ferry shows a romantic evening on the Thames.  The potential customer would have had to stop to view it in that less hurried time.
1912 Charles Sharland

1912 Charles Sharland
 Wouldn't you as a Londoner long for a day in the country?  So easy by motor-bus.

1913 Tony Sarg

A word on Tony Sarg. He was a German who became an American citizen and was known as America's puppet master. He was behind the helium balloon creatures for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parades and their mechanical window displays. But he was also a book illustrator and artist and lived in Great Britain until 1914.
1914 Fred Taylor

Remember, these ads are directed at Londoners, who seldom saw wide-open spaces, except on holiday.
1914 Tony Sarg

This way for adventure should be the theme.  This was one of a series of a variety of destinations Sarg created, illustrated with a costumed figure from an earlier era. It does make Hounslow Heath seem a bit dangerous.

1915 Edward McKinight Kauffer

1915 Emilio Tafani
1915 was a great year for posters. They had been commissioned before The Great War began in 1914.

1915 The Brothers Warbis

A bit of light humor during a trying time for Londoners.

1916 Emilio Tafani

This is one of my favorites and will probably end up on my wall.

1917 Miss Bowden
There was a series of posters suggesting the Underground as an alternative to other forms of transport when getting about in inclement weather.
1918 Fred Taylor

A reminder to Londoners of the way it was.

1919 P. Cunningham

And then the war was finally over and London  became once again  a place to enjoy, not escape away from (it had been sporadically bombed during the Great War).

1920 Elijah Albert Cox

1920 Elijah Albert Cox

Two of a series of London Characters. London was once again the center of the world.  Stay tune for the Deco period of art advertising posters from the London Transport Museum.

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