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Monday, September 3, 2012

Posters from the London Transport Museum - Part 2

1921 Charles Paine

Ah, the Art Deco era of poster art from the London Transport Museum. So colorful.

1921 Charles Paine

                                                                    So vibrant.

1922 Charles Paine

                                 So whimsical.  There were more artists producing than Charles Paine, 
                                                           but his art is so appealing.

1923 Aldo Cosomati

1924 Ver ney Danvers
An ad for the Underground in the chill gloom of winter -- or was London suffering from heavy smog? Rather noir-ish, isn't it?

1924 James Henry Down

            Fresh air is just an Underground ride away.  I assume large prams were allowed, but how did one get it down and up the stairs?  Were there elevators?

1925 Mary Koop

1928 A. Moore

1930 Walter Spradbery

1931 Frank Masden Lea

1934 Maurice Miles

This is to me a most beautiful rendition of elephants. And there were many  other lovely posters that year, but none could top this.

1936 Chalres Pears

                                      Pears did a series of waterfront posters for 1936.

1937 F. Gregory Brown
And then F. Gregory Brown matched him the following year with another nautical series. So much visual depth in this rendition.

1938 Mark Fernand Severin

The clock is the symbol of the Underground.  A movie is a short ride away.

1939 by Zero

Autumn was coming. But walks through colorful park foliage would have to be postponed.  Watch for Part 3 of the Transport Museum Posters - The War Years.

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  1. I LOVE the ones from the 20's! Those umbrellas! The aerodrome! The penguins and horses, the boat race...So fresh and clean and great colors.