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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The London Transport Museum - The War Years

1939  Artist: Harold Sandys Williamson

We received our certificate of occupancy for our newly built house and are beginning to move in some things, so I thought I'd better finish up my three-part poster essay from the London Transport Museum.

War was declared against Nazi Germany on September 4, 1939. Barrage balloons were a common sight over London.  A year would pass before London was bombed by the Luftwaffe on September 7, 1940.

1941 Artist: James Fitton

 Blackouts made night travel dangerous.

1942 Artist: Lowes Duback Louard
Posters such as this were commissioned to keep up citizen morale as they went about their daily activities during a very dangerous time.

1943 Artist: Robert Sargent Austin

And their courage.

1944 Artist: Eric Kinnington

A series of posters by Eric Kinnington paid tribute to the civilian transport workers of London, who had stuck to their jobs during the height of the blitz.

1944 Artist:Walter Spradbury

Another series paid tribute to historical sites that had been damaged by bombings. The one above is St. Paul's, designed by Christopher Wren.

1945 Artist:  Fred Taylor
And then the war in Europe was over. And a series of posters asked patience of commuters as Underground and other transport fortifications were slowly removed.

The London Transport Museum Internet site is a fascinating place to visit.


  1. I love these, and all the others you posted, and will definitely be visiting that site. Are you still thinking about putting some in your bathroom? How exciting that the house is finished (or at least certified to occupy).

  2. I have no more than a film's depth of tolerance for hearing about the war; very adult of me, eh? That this was still going on till two years before my birth... that the level of monstrousity could be curried in humans....

    thus (as I seem to keep repeating today) it always was, thus it shall ever be. As I turn my thoughts away rushing in to fill the vacuum, a further pursuit of levels of beauty.